Wednesday, March 31, 2010

John Zorn - Bar Kokhba (1996)

Happy Passover, my Hebrew brethren...

Bar Kokhba
, John Zorn's small ensemble project, features scaled-down versions of his larger Masada compositions. The music feels ancient; the strings (Mark Feldman on violin and Erik Friedlander on cello) pull and weave their way around Zorn's alto sax, and the addition of clarinets (David Krakauer & Chris Speed) is a warm and welcoming bit of nostalgia for these ears, combining Jewish klezmer with orchestral chamber elements and avant-garde jazz.

Rounding out the program is the estimable Marc Ribot on guitar, Greg Cohen and Mark Dresser on bass, Anthony Coleman and his excellency John Medeski on piano/organ, Kenny Wollesen on drums and Dave Douglas on trumpet. Mazel Tov!

John Zorn - Bar Kokhba (1996; Tzadik Records)
disc 1
disc 2


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