Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Albert Heath - Kawaida (1970)

This is one of those records that drives OCD completist/collectors like me insane; there are three different versions of this album floating around- all three have different track listings, different running orders and list different personnel. The only definite thing I know about this record is that it's one of the few perfect examples of the melding between modal jazz and African rhythms, sort of like the ideas Coltrane had on Africa/Brass.

Why this "lost" album caught my eye was the inclusion of both Herbie Hancock and Don Cherry, with the Heath brothers (Jimmy & Albert, listed here as leader for contractual reasons) and Jimmy's son Mtume, who actually should be listed as leader, it was said he arranged the whole thing under the concept of spreading the teachings of Maulana Karenga's Kawaida philosophy.

Here's the actual transcription of the line-up from the 1969 O'Be Records release:

Ed Blackwell - Bells & Percussion

Billy Bonner (Fundi) - Flute, Percussion (track 5 only)

Don Cherry (Msafari) - Trumpet

Herbie Hancock (Mwandishi) - Piano

Albert "Toudie" Heath (Kuumba)- Drums & Percussion

Jimmy Heath (Tayari) - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Mtume - Conga, Voice
Buster Williams (Mchezaji) - Bass

Recorded December 11, 1969. Produced by O'Be Productions. Recorded at The Universe, and Mastered at Town Sound Studios. Released 1970 on O'Be Records, catalogue number OB-301. Trip Records release is catalogue number TLP-5032. Liner notes on the O'Be Records edition written by Amiri Baraka.


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