Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mekons - The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strnen (1979)

I think after free jazz, my favorite genre just may be post-punk. Both are full of bursts of energy and fractured, angular, sharp sounds. Occasional squeals are peppered throughout, as well as expansive areas of space; that "dead" sound in between freak-outs.

So here's the Mekons' 1979 debut full-length record.
Apparently "Strnen" is an inside joke between band members; the idea that if you give a monkey a typewriter and an infinite amount of time, eventually they will "accidentally" produce the complete works of William Shakespeare, hence the album cover.

Recorded in mere days on the Gang Of Four's instruments (the record label actually used a pic of Go4 on the album cover's sleeve) it's another excellent example of all the wonderful (if not unknown) bands coming out of that scene in the late '70s. One of my favorites of the genre...


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