Tuesday, June 8, 2010

90 Day Men - Panda Park (2004)

I was introduced to 90 Day Men through one of their members (Robert Lowe performs solo as Lichens) as the opening act for Explosions In The Sky a few years ago. His drony, ambient textures were strange and dream-like, and I quickly found myself downloading his album The Psychic Nature Of Being, free from his label Kranky's website.

Anyhow; I was deeply intrigued by his other projects- so I picked up his main band's 2004 album Panda Park, a prog-psych-art rock mish-mash of a thing; maybe it's closer to math-rock or post-rock... actually; all genre pigeonholing fails this record terribly. It's really a great rock album, all classifications aside. At times the piano can sound like a baroque jam from Ludwig von, the guitars sound as if they were lifted off of Yes' Tales From Topographic Oceans, the drumming wouldn't be out of place on a Don Caballero record.

Do yourself a favor (if you consider yourself a musical adventurer) and download this record right now!


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