Saturday, November 12, 2011

R.I.P. Out Sounds

I've decided to shut this bad boy down; seems like I get a DMCA notice every few days now and a lot of the older posts have just simply vanished into thin air. Combine that fact with Rapidshare's overall crappiness and the decision to shut it all down becomes easier.

Plus, (and I hate to say it but it's true) Spotify has basically made blogs like these obsolete. Why fill up your own hard drive and have to buy bigger and bigger data storage devices to satiate our need as completists to own every single record ever made (which is impossible) when there's a really cheap service that does it all for you?

As a friend of mine recently said, (and he works in the industry as a producer/engineer, pretty well known but I'll keep him anonymous since he's a super rad guy) "this is how we make our living..." I don't want to get into a debate again about stealing/sharing, etc. but I had a hilarious e-mail battle last year with the merch guy from Stones Throw Records (that went on for like a week) and another e-mail from Justin Moyer of Antelope (now-defunct Dischord Records band) in which I returned asking a series of pointed questions that he never responded to. I have to admit it, but you guys are totally within your right when representing the label/artist/etc.'s view of music sharing (a term I'll continue to use; I would only call it stealing if I made money off of it) and since there's such a nebulous cloud around myself in terms of what I think is right and wrong, it's easier just to say "forget it".  

Basically, I'm over it.

I love all of you that have DL'ed, commented, read, etc. but I'm going to devote my time and minimum talent elsewhere on the interwebs.

Peace out.