Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do Make Say Think - & Yet & Yet (2002)

Easily the most accessible release from Canadian post-rockers DMST; & Yet & Yet sees the band at a more relaxed, dare I jazzier pace than previous albums (and since). It’s way toned down as far as this band is concerned; they exercise a calm flow throughout the record with careful precision and uncomplicated noodling that never gets boring. The horns don’t blow you away on the song White Light Of and they don’t build every song to a dizzying crescendo and explode, it’s a lesson in refinement. Whether it’s the wordless singing of Soul And Onward, the bubbling synths, low-bottom bass and glitchy beats on the track Chinatown or hypnotic swirling of End of Music, the subtle build-up and short bursts of intensity on Reitschule or the majesty of drone during the album’s closer (Anything For Now), it’s a stunning offering from a band that continues to make excellent records, each one different from their last…


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