Sunday, July 25, 2010

Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn (2005)

Los Angeles-based Red Sparowes don't fit as neatly into the post-rock category as say Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Explosions in the Sky; they share a commonality in that they can build slow-burning atmospheric jams into dizzying cinematic crescendos, but where those two bands are based in classical music and indie rock (respectively) Red Sparowes dip their toes into a more metallic well; after all they share members with bands like Isis and are on Neurosis' label. So there's your metal-influences.

At The Soundless Dawn is (purportedly) the story of the impending apocalypse set to music; the song titles themselves are one of the few clues to this because as most post-rock goes there are no words (except a few samples). It would be a full year and a half between the release of this record and Red Sparowes explanation of it; from an interview with Modern Fix:

"There is an underlying theme to this record. The literature on the subject is almost limitless, but it basically breaks down to this: There have previously been five “mass extinction events” on earth that have been scientifically realized, dating back from 440 million years ago. These events have resulted in the extinction of 19% - 54% of all species on earth at each specific time period. The first five events have been caused by natural elements, including the known impacts with meteors and the like. We are currently experiencing the sixth extinction event, which is the first one to be caused by a single species on our planet, which happens to be humanity."
That's some heavy shit. The epicness of this record is just as heavy...


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