Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bobb Trimble - Harvest Of Dreams (1982)

Bobb Trimble's story has to be one of the strangest in music; he made two albums (1980's Iron Curtain Innocence and this one, Harvest of Dreams from 1982) and basically disappeared from the music scene around 1986. He had two backing bands around this time also, one called The Kidds (whose average age was 12) and another called The Crippled Dog Band (average age: 15).

Apparently that raised some eyebrows in Marlborough, Massachusetts (as it should, as Trimble was in his mid-twenties. But hey, I don't judge...) and was in effect completely out of music until recently reappearing- I found out about Trimble's music from a 2007 e-newsletter I get from Secretly Canadian Records (they re-issued both albums with a bunch of bonus tracks; this is actually the re-issued version).

As for the album: Trimble's voice is a cross between Kate Bush and a theremin, and his music sounds like early Flaming Lips and Robyn Hitchcock.

Enjoy this hidden gem of weird psych folk from the '80s!


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