Thursday, May 6, 2010

ESG - Come Away With Me (1983)

I wonder if the Bronx-born Scroggins sisters knew they were gonna be so influential when they put these records out. Or did they just wanna be funky? These basslines and beats have been sampled by everyone: Wu-Tang, Beasties Boys, Gang Starr, Dilla, Big Daddy Kane, trip-hopper Tricky, R&B stars TLC, the list goes on and on.

Their records are so obscure to mainstream ears that they've been sampled so much without people realizing who they are; they aren't punk (but their cold and spacey recordings share an aesthetic with post-punk bands like Joy Division and Wire) they aren't exactly funk (but you can dance to it); it was literally the first incarnation of "dance punk", paving the way for bands like Le Tigre, !!!, Liars and James Murphy's LCD Soundsystem.

Check this one out, you shan't be disappointed...


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