Monday, May 10, 2010

Love - Forever Changes (1967)

This is probably the greatest record you've never heard. For some reason this gem remains largely under appreciated, I can't figure out exactly why- it might be my favorite record from the psychedelic '60s. For those of us already in the know, please disregard my shock that unfortunately not every one has the 180-gram remastered heavy vinyl re-issued copy, we'll invite you over to listen in our living rooms.

Barring that; here's a digital copy to get you acquainted with one of the ten best records ever recorded in the history of modern music.

You never even have to say thanks, I'll know that you feel the same about the music on this album when you're hunting down a copy of the original record and your
rancid breath and bloodshot eyes from neglecting your hygiene and countless hours of sleep lost while chasing down this Holy Grail of under-rated psych folk rock memorabilia will be thanks enough.


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