Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wire - The Classic Years

Wire is another insanely under-rated band, probably because people have never been able to peg them into a genre neatly; like that tired cliché "a square peg into a round hole" sort of thing. If you trace the arc of their career trajectory you'll see them going from the original London punk scene to jagged edged post-punk to synth-pop new wave to flirting with electronica, all the while staying firmly rooted in their experimental tendencies and never losing that do-it-yourself punk attitude.

This is why Wire is such an awesome band, they never had to stay the same from one album to the next, as evidenced in their first three, or "classic albums". Enjoy!

Pink Flag (1977; Harvest Records)
36.4 mb, ripped at 128 kbps in lossless .m4a format

Chairs Missing (1978; Harvest Records)
80.9 mb, VBR avg ~258 kbps

154 (1979; Harvest Records)
77.4 mb, VBR avg ~232 kbps


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