Monday, April 5, 2010

Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking (1969)

My favorite Fairport Convention record. This was the second of three albums released in 1969 (today's bands aren't even as good on one record every three years), and this line-up was the best they assembled. Sandy Denny is a goddess, vocally. And Richard Thompson- everything this man touches is golden. Add Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol and Martin Lamble; pure Brit-folk rock excellence. This is considered a "transitional" album, being the middle point between the straight ahead folk rock on What We Did On Our Holidays and the more-or-less traditional British folk with Liege & Lief all completed in the scope of less than 12 months.

It's up there with Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, John Martyn, The Pentangle, Steeleye Span and Richard & Linda Thompson's records. Masterpiece...


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