Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grachan Moncur III - Evolution (1964)

It's my pleasure to bring you one of my favorite albums of all-time; one look at this line-up and your ears should start watering. Grachan Moncur III as leader and on trombone, Lee Morgan on trumpet (sounding uncharacteristically avant-garde dare I say?), Jackie McLean on alto saxophone (him and Moncur play off each other so well, check out McLean's albums Destination Out! and One Step Beyond for more of their interplay), Bobby Hutcherson on vibraphone (the king of the vibes, hands down), Tony Williams on drums (only 18 at the time of this session and already a seasoned pro) and the ever-steady Bob Cranshaw on bass. This is the perfect aural embodiment of the intersection of post-bop and avant-garde out there.

When I think of what the 1960s actually looked like, this album is it.


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