Saturday, April 3, 2010

Magazine - Real Life (1978)

I've always felt that Magazine never really got their due respect; it seems that when discussions around what bands are considered to be the very definition of the post-punk genre, they get glossed over. Sure, you have to mention Gang Of Four, Wire, Joy Division, etc. but why does Magazine have to fall so far down the list?

So here's me giving propers to one of the best albums of the late '70s; after Howard Devoto left the Buzzcocks (he felt that "punk" was too restrictive a genre) he started the genre-busting Magazine, employing synths (as well as horns and other more experimental instruments not considered punk) as a lead instrument, all to great effect. He foresaw the new direction that music could go, using the attitude of punk rock as a foundation and springboard but being able to go any direction he wanted. Original bassist Barry Adamson would also join up with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds for their first four records.

So, please enjoy one of the more overlooked gems of the late-'70s...

Magazine - Real Life (1978; Virgin Records)

(also, props to Ben for being the first to correctly answer the trivia question from the Slint post; the man who took the photo that made the cover to Spiderland is none other than Will Oldham. I'm gonna let Ben pick an album to be featured in the near future for winning this little "contest". Honorable mentions to Willis and Chris- you guys were just a little bit later...)


Bill said...

you are correct. Magazine was very good with DeVoto. "The Light Pours Out of Me" is a stone classic.

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