Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shelter - Perfection Of Desire (1990)

Shelter is a hardcore punk band from New York City that rose out of the ashes of several other influential bands of that era- on this album we have lead singer Ray Cappo (from Youth Of Today) and Tom Capone, who would later go on to help start Quicksand. I've also included four extra songs from two 7-inch singles; No Compromise (1990) and In Defense Of Reality (1991); the second features Vic Dicara from 108. Later albums would have John "Porcell" Porcelly (who's played in Judge and Youth Of Today) on guitar.

Shelter is unique in that they were the originators of the genre Krishnacore, which fused hardcore (and often a brand of melodic hardcore) punk to Krishna consciousness. One of my favorite bands of the early '90s; I still have these records on vinyl...


sfdoomed said...

Even as an atheist I could always dig some of the philosophy in the lyrics (materialism, false images, etc.). Plus it was freakin' Ray Cappo from the might Youth of Today! Their later albums sucked, though. Thanks for posting the good ones!

hasatan said...

Thank you so much...I've been looking for this.

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