Thursday, April 8, 2010

KMD - Black Bastards (2001)

You may know KMD through two separate avenues; us old heads know them as the guys who rapped on 3rd Bass' The Gas Face way back in '89 and for also collaborating with Brand Nubian. You new schoolers know them as MF Doom's original group. Either way; KMD never got their due, and this album sat on the shelf for seven years before it was released.

Seven years pass by
before this album sees the light of day. After the death of Subroc, causing the end of KMD, his emcee partner (and brother) Zev Love X would go through bouts of severe depression, homelessness and drug abuse before re-emerging and re-inventing himself as MF Doom. And everybody knows who Doom is, and if you don't know you better ask somebody who does, knucklehead.

So here's a forgotten gem of hip-hop goodness...


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