Thursday, April 1, 2010

Power Of Zeus - The Gospel According To Zeus (1970)

Occasionally I shop for records at places you might not expect to find records. This is one of those records I found at a bookstore of all places; I have to admit I thought it was gonna be a hilarious novelty act. I mean, c'mon- Rare Earth Records was Motown's short-lived and ill-fated "rock" imprint label. The only other acts from that label I've even heard of are Rare Earth and The Pretty Things.

But Power Of Zeus, man this rocks. Some serious hard rock/heavy psych, halfway between Black Sabbath and Deep Purple with some Grand Funk Railroad thrown in for good measure. Big crunchy riffs, the
swirly psychedelic Hammond B-3 organ is absolutely crammed into every spare nook, then take some wah-wah inflected funk- yeah, this record is a hidden gem...


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