Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quicksand - Slip (1993)

I think I got this record the summer between my junior and senior years of high school- the cassette actually wore out from listening to it so much; I would eventually buy the CD (three times). I've wore out a ton of cassettes, but this was definitely the last; I went to CDs shortly after. Someone stole this CD from me, so I bought it again.

Then I don't know what actually happened to it, I either sold it on one of my big CD purges or lost it or someone stole it (again), but all I know is that I bought it again in 2002. I currently do not have that copy but do have a digital one, so... yeah. I get it, I'm not supposed to own a physical copy of this, it finds a way out of my possession.

Probably because it rocks so fucking hard- Walt Schreifels (who played bass in Youth Of Today and guitar for the Gorilla Biscuits) was a heavy in the whole New York hardcore scene of the late '80s, and the vision he had for Quicksand was as a more mature, more post-hardcore entity than anything he'd done previous. The first obvious influence you'll hear here is Fugazi, but where Ian and Co. were able to sustain some sort of longevity through cohesiveness, Quicksand fell apart after one EP and two full-lengths. Blame the fiery spirit of their tunes, the
raw emotional outpouring, the melding of genres, hell- I don't know why they broke up. I just know they fucking rock.

So, here's their debut LP. They'd go on to make another record, Manic Compression (1995), that headed more in the direction of metal, but pound-for-pound this is one of my favorite records of all-time- it reminds me of my bullshit teen angst more than anything else...


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